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Meccaniche Veneziane against Covid-19, our initiative for Bergamo Hospital

Meccaniche Veneziane has recently finalized a charity initiative in favor of Bergamo Hospital, with a donation for the purchase of medical supplies in response to the Covid-19 emergency.

In mid-April, more than 10,000 were infected by the virus in Bergamo province, and the number of deaths tripled in comparison with the same period in 2019. In this context, the priority was to fund the purchase of self-protection devices for doctors and nurses operating at Bergamo Hospital.

Alberto Morelli, CEO of Meccaniche Veneziane, states that "beyond private donations, we felt the responsibility to contribute to the fight against coronavirus as a company too. At that moment, Bergamo was the most affected area in Italy: hence, we chose to donate to those who were in need the most. "

A special sales campaign was therefore organized on our e-commerce website during the last week of April.

The team put great effort into the preparation of this initiative, from the social media component to the technical and graphic creation of a dedicated page on our website, with the aim of reaching as many users as possible.

From an operational point of view, Alessandro Morelli (COO) remarked that "the high level of digitalization of the company, combined with the team’s coordination skills, were critical to the final outcome. In fact, everything was carried out in smart-working mode, from home. The measures taken by the company in this regard allowed us to keep on operating in unfavorable circumstances, such as those caused by the epidemic".

The ability to guarantee the business continuity- beyond representing also an undeniable competitive advantage - allowed us to pursue a charitable goal that, under a lock-down regime, we would not have been able to achieve otherwise.

This event was certainly a success, especially considering the number of people that contributed and the size of our company. In addition to a strong participation of our Italian customers, we were particularly pleased with the support of our buyers from abroad, who also showed their appreciation for the initiative by sending messages of solidarity to our corporate mailbox.

This proves how the community that revolves around Meccaniche Veneziane comes together not only because of their passion for mechanical watches, but also like a family that can recognize a good cause.