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Redentore 36 Diamonds: The Jewel Watch

Redentore 36 Diamonds

When looking at a diamond, who can say they have never experienced the sensation of getting lost in its thousand flashes, wondering how a single stone can, even for a single moment, hypnotize their gaze?

Diamonds are one of the rarest stones in the world, almost impossible to find. Once turned into a jewel, they can arouse the strongest emotion among all precious objects. They are so fascinating that they are often surrounded by an aura of myth.

The diamond in history

The term "diamond" originated in ancient Greece from the term αδαμας (adamàs) meaning "indomitable", due to the fact that this stone can only be processed by using the diamond itself. Owing to its extraordinary resistance, in some cultures it became a symbol of durability as it is unaffected by the passage of time. Hence the fortune of diamonds as talismans against diseases and poisons but, above all, as an emblem of the eternity of love and marital fidelity.

Historiographical sources point for the first time to the existence of this extremely hard stone in Alexander the Great’s time. In 327 BC he introduced it into the Western world from India, which was the only known place where diamonds could be found until the 18th century.

Redentore 36 Diamonds


An excellence in diamond processing

Venice, due to its position as the European gateway for eastern trade routes, was one of the main importers of diamonds and soon developed its own school for their processing. Just think that in 1733 there were 26 diamond cutter workshops in the city.

It was indeed a Venetian, Ortensio Borgisi, who was called to India to cut the Great Mogul, a legendary stone known as the biggest rough diamond. Following the geopolitical evolution of the country, traces of the precious stone were lost and its fate is still a mystery.

Another famous stone that is linked to Venice is the "Farnese Blu". Cut by the Venetian artisan Giuseppe Angeloni, it was later set in the crown of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and was recently sold at a Sotheby's auction for 6.7 million dollars.

Redentore 36 Diamonds

The grading of diamonds

There are 4 criteria to evaluate diamonds, the so-called "4 C":

  • Carat”: the weight. One carat equals 0.20 grams. The measurement usually goes up to the hundredth of a carat, called "point".
  • Colour”: from colorless to colored according to a scale that goes from "D" to "Z". Traditionally the closer you get to D (or “colorless”), the higher the value.
  • Clarity”: absence or minor presence of imperfections, called "inclusions". They range from an F-IF (Flawless or Internally Flawless) to I1-I3 (Imperfect).
  • Cut”: the shape resulting from processing. There are many variations: with the traditional brilliant cut, diamonds began to be mounted on rings in the 14th century.

Our first jewel watch

Redentore 36 Diamonds has been created in response to the growing demand for precious watches dedicated to the female world within an affordable price range.

It is a highly refined timepiece, with 12 natural diamonds set as indices on a mother-of-pearl dial that perfectly fits with the pure and sinuous shape of the case. The stones have been carefully selected for their quality, particularly in terms of colour, carat and size.

Redentore 36 Diamonds

Each model is accompanied by a document that illustrates the features of our diamonds, which are also listed in the table below:

Gem type


Number of Gems


Color grade

Near colorless (G-H)

Clarity grade

Slightly included (SI)

Shape and cut

Single cut

Weight (total)

ca. 0.14 Carat

Reference numbers


The introduction of this version of Redentore 36 represents a very important milestone for our brand, i.e. the first step into the particular and fascinating niche of watchmaking that meets jewellery.

The first production is limited to only 100 pieces that will be launched in the first days of 2023.

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