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Caliber V3290: a new quality standard

Venezianico Automatic Movement V3290

Our quest for beauty is all-around.

But what is beauty? Harmony, proportion, colour. Culture, History. These are all characteristics that we try our best to convey through the style of our watches and the icons they are inspired by.

However, a watch is in essence a machine to measure time, a masterpiece of micro-engineering. Its beauty must therefore be sought also in its mechanism, the true heart of every timepiece. This is the common ground in our relationship with Soprod SA, the manufacturer we entrusted with the production of our V3290 caliber.


Manufactured by Soprod SA

Venezianico Automatic Movement V3290

On our first visit to Soprod facilities, we got fascinated by the people we met and what they showed us. The art of watchmaking seems innate in their hands and their fingers move among wheels, bridges and rubies with mesmerizing mastery. Not only is it a pleasure to work with them, but they are also able to convey the confidence of someone who has been operating in this field for more than fifty years.

The story of Soprod began in 1966, when some small manufacturers operating in the Tramelan area - in the Swiss canton of Jura - decided to combine their efforts and create a company that could leverage the knowledge and skills of the many local craftsmen and watchmakers to produce fine movements. Soprod has then evolved into an avant-garde company, with several production plants, which makes some of the most renowned Swiss calibers.

The evolution of the project

Venezianico Automatic Movement V3290

Our idea was create a caliber that reflected our way of conceiving watchmaking. The first time we spoke about this project with Soprod dates back to mid-2022. The response from their management was enthusiastic and they immediately committed to closely follow us step by step in this new challenge.

The whole project progressed with a shared vision to create something more than a well-crafted classic Swiss caliber. We wanted something with a stunning modern aesthetic and superior performance.

This is why the bridges are sandblasted. Such an essential finishing contributes to the peculiar balance that distinctively marks our style: simple and linear overall shapes contrasted by complex details. An example of this complexity is the design of the rotor, the most prominent component of every automatic movement. Together with Soprod engineers, we developed a skeletonized shape, with wide openings that allow to fully appreciate the movement in its entirety, without hiding the wheels and rubies. A great pleasure to the eye. In turn, the rotor is embellished with a rhodium bath, which makes it shiny and highlights the triple spiral finish that adorns its surface.


Aesthetics and performance

Venezianico Automatic Movement V3290

For us, the refinement of the mechanics is not secondary to aesthetics and, for this reason, achieving top performance is the other great goal of this project.

The V3290 derives from Soprod C125 and has therefore the same technical specifications: 28,800 vibrations per hour, Incabloc anti-shock system, bidirectional winding.

Technical specifications:




Independent central GMT hand; date


-4/+6 seconds/day


28.800 bph





Power reserve

42 hours

Anti-Shock System


Hacking seconds




Base of the movement

Soprod C125

Country of manufacture


Regulated by us, in Italy

Venezianico Automatic Movement V3290

As far as accuracy is concerned, Italy plays a fundamental role here. All completed V3290 arrive in our laboratory, where accuracy is further regulated in order to bring it within a range of -4/+6 seconds per day, a truly exceptional performance which is typically encountered only in haute horlogerie.

This delicate procedure is carried out by Daniele, senior watchmaker at Venezianico. Raised in a family of watchmakers, he has been assembling and disassembling movements since he was a boy, continually perfecting his knowledge of the art of watchmaking. With time, he has become one of the most requested professionals in the area; for three years he has been our point of reference for everything related to mechanics.

Also, Daniele personally carries out the final assembly of the watches that are equipped with V3290.


Venezianico Automatic Movement V3290


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