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The Northern Lights on your wrist? It's possible

Nereide Madreperla

Get ready to explore the enchanting world of the Nereide Madreperla! This captivating timepiece embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration of the most remote places on our planet. In this article, we will take you on a journey to discover the beauty of mother-of-pearl, its fascinating connection with the Northern Lights, and the incredible craftsmanship that brought the mesmerizing Nereide Madreperla to life.


What is mother-of-pearl?

Mother-of-pearl is a precious natural material that forms inside the shells of mollusks such as oysters.

Nereide Madreperla

Characterized by its unique iridescence, mother-of-pearl is admired for its range of colors and reflections. In the case of Nereide Madreperla, green has been chosen, evoking the magic and intensity of the aurora borealis, giving the watch a distinctive and captivating charm.


The connection between green mother-of-pearl and the aurora borealis

The green color of the mother-of-pearl in this particular Nereide is a tribute to the enchanting spectacle of the aurora borealis. This natural phenomenon, which occurs in polar regions, offers a dance of vibrant and shifting lights in the night sky.

Nereide Madreperla

By wearing the Nereide Madreperla, you will have the sensation of carrying the aurora borealis with you, a combination of excitement and wonder that makes the watch truly unique.


The details of the production process

Mother-of-pearl requires meticulous craftsmanship during the production process. After careful selection, the raw material is meticulously polished and shaped to achieve a smooth and uniform surface.

Nereide Madreperla

Through a delicate dyeing process, the mother-of-pearl is transformed into its distinctive green color while preserving its natural beauty. With skill and precision, artisans manually apply the indices, completing the creation of a dial that is a work of art in itself.


The origin of the Nereide Madreperla concept

Nereide Madreperla perfectly embodies our pioneering spirit, characterized by the discovery and pursuit of unusual materials. This watch encapsulates our desire to explore creative and original solutions in watchmaking, while maintaining our commitment to innovation.

Nereide Madreperla

The choice to use tungsten and green mother-of-pearl is the result of our constant search for unique materials, representing the perfect combination of Venezianico's adventurous essence and the wonder of extraordinary materials. This brings a touch of originality and charm to our watch collection.

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