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Two brothers, one passion

"Venezianico combines our passion for horology with the centuries-old charm of the land where we grew up. Through our creations we tell you a truly unique story".

Alberto and Alessandro Morelli

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Our creations embody the soul of Venetian heritage, drawing inspiration from its iconic symbols and embracing the essence of this vibrant culture.

The case back provides insights into the coin's origin and symbolism. At the top, an imposing angel acts as the protector of the Serene Republic of Venice, adding a touch of majesty. Simultaneously, the background unfolds in the renowned Piazza San Marco, where a galleon, symbolizing the typical Venetian boat, completes the captivating picture, intertwining history and symbolism in a visually engaging tapestry. Thanks to these explanations, one can consistently appreciate the significance of this ancient composition.
Bronze, with its rich and captivating history, takes center stage in inspiring this unique Nereide timepiece—a true embodiment of Venetian tradition. This ageless metal not only forms the watch case but infuses the entire design, carrying an intrinsic beauty that evolves gracefully over time, creating a patina. 
In the vast world of watchmaking, Venezianico has secured a prominent position among the esteemed names gathered for the 'Watch of the Year 2023' awards, organized by L’Orologio, one of Italy's most prestigious industry magazines.

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