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“Venezianico is the bridge between our passion for horology and our bond to the place we live in. Inspired by the essence of being Venetian, our creations mean to let people experience the story and the beauty of our city”.

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Two brothers, one passion

Driven by the dream to find a quality alternative to traditional horology, the Morelli brothers created one the youngest independent watchmaking companies in the world.


All our creations have a soul that is rooted in the legacy of Venice.

Redentore Riserva di Carica is Venezianico's most refined watch and we immediately deemed it the ideal candidate for a Limited Edition to dedicate to this event. This watch design functions as a reminder of the essential features and history of the country. The sand-colored dial, with its particular granular finish, is inspired by the desert, the element that has consolidated in the collective imagination as the most emblematic of this land.

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The Venezianico Cup took place on 31 July 2022. This is the third edition of an annual event, which sees golf and watchmaking as protagonists. Our relationship with the Jesolo Venezia Golf Club started in 2019 and has gradually strengthened, thanks to the values that our brand shares with this sport.
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The Seiko NH34A is a new entry-level automatic caliber with unique features. In fact, there are no other equally reliable movements that make it possible to offer a GMT watch within everyone's reach. The Seiko NH34A / 4R34 is at the core of our most recent project, the new Nereide GMT 39, and its technical characteristics have allowed us to create a top-level automatic GMT in terms of component quality, while keeping it affordable.
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