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Two brothers, one passion

"Venezianico combines our passion for horology with the centuries-old charm of the land where we grew up. Through our creations we tell you a truly unique story".

Alberto and Alessandro Morelli

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Our creations embody the soul of Venetian heritage, drawing inspiration from its iconic symbols and embracing the essence of this vibrant culture.

The decision to collaborate with the Yacht Club Venezia was born from a shared foundation of fundamental values. Commitment to excellence, a passion for the sea, and unwavering dedication to regattas brought together these two exceptional entities under one unified vision.
This captivating timepiece embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration of the most remote places on our planet. In this article, we will take you on a journey to discover the beauty of mother-of-pearl, its fascinating connection with the Northern Lights, and the incredible craftsmanship that brought the mesmerizing Nereide Madreperla to life.

Admiring a starry sky in the middle of the sea or on the top of the mountains mountains, far from the cities, is now a rare occasion for many, but the sensation of amazement and admiration in front of the infinity of luminous gems of the cosmos is unique and unforgettable.The vivid memory of this emotion prompted us to create Nereide Avventurina, which uses in its dial a derivative of glass processing invented in Venice in the 17th century by some Murano artisans. 

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