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"Venezianico combines our passion for horology with the centuries-old charm of the land where we grew up. Through our creations we tell you a truly unique story".

Alberto and Alessandro Morelli

Two brothers, one passion

Driven by the dream to find a quality alternative to traditional horology, the Morelli brothers created one the youngest independent watchmaking companies in the world.


All our creations have a soul that is rooted in the legacy of Venice.

One of the most beautiful and particular Nereide ever is about to arrive. A watch in which the dial and bezel come to life thanks to a very particular material: forged carbon. But what exactly is forged carbon and why is it so special? In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about this innovative material and introduce you to our latest watch that uses it in the bezel and dial: Nereide Carbonio.
The blackest acrylic paint in the world absorbs 99.4% of light and was developed only in 2020, by the Japanese company Koyo Orient Japan Co Ltd, who called it Musou Black™. Within a few months of its launch, it has captured the attention of artists and designers thanks to its exceptional properties. We too are fascinated by it, so much so that we have decided to use it on the dial of our new Redentore Ultrablack.
Manufactured in the Swiss factories of Soprod SA, the caliber V3290 sets a new standard of quality. Based on the architecture of the C125 movement, it boasts greater precision (-4/+6 seconds per day), modern finishes and a new skeletonized rotor.

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