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"Venezianico combines our passion for horology with the centuries-old charm of the land where we grew up. Through our creations we tell you a truly unique story".

Alberto and Alessandro Morelli

Two brothers, one passion

Driven by the dream to find a quality alternative to traditional horology, the Morelli brothers created one the youngest independent watchmaking companies in the world.


All our creations have a soul that is rooted in the legacy of Venice.

Manufactured in the Swiss factories of Soprod SA, the caliber V3290 sets a new standard of quality. Based on the architecture of the C125 movement, it boasts greater precision (-4/+6 seconds per day), modern finishes and a new skeletonized rotor.
  • 3 min read

When looking at a diamond, who can say they have never experienced the sensation of getting lost in its thousand flashes, wondering how a single stone can, even for a single moment, hypnotize their gaze? Diamonds are one of the rarest stones in the world, almost impossible to find. Once turned into a jewel, they can arouse the strongest emotion among all precious objects. They are so fascinating that they are often surrounded by an aura of myth.

  • 3 min read
A Limited Edition dedicated to one of the most fascinating places in the Middle East, featuring a splendid green dial with geometric decorations. Arabia is one of those remote lands that are traditionally shrouded in myths and legends. Its deserts are endless seas of scorching sand with a few happy islands, oasis where weary travelers could find well-deserved refreshment. The intense green of those patches of palm trees and bushes, inspired this new Nereide 39 GMT Limited Edition, produced in only 200 pieces.
  • 2 min read