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Bronze: the Timeless Allure of Venice

Nereide Bronzo

Bronze, with its rich and captivating history, takes center stage in inspiring this unique Nereide timepiece—a true embodiment of Venetian tradition. This ageless metal not only forms the watch case but infuses the entire design, carrying an intrinsic beauty that evolves gracefully over time, creating a patina. This distinctive quality gives objects crafted from bronze a timeless allure, seamlessly blending the material's millennia-old legacy with the contemporary design of Nereide Bronzo.


What defines bronze?

Nereide Bronzo

Bronze, a combination of copper and tin, with possible additions of elements like aluminum or nickel, stands as a noble material endowed with unique properties. Characterized by high mechanical strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, bronze also possesses the extraordinary ability to develop a patina over time, lending objects a distinctive charm. In Venice, artisan workshops played a fundamental role in the history of bronze, using it to craft renowned works of art and artifacts. This noble metal has permeated Venetian culture, becoming an integral part of the city's rich artistic heritage and contributing to the lagoon city's artisanal tradition.


Bronze in Venetian Art and Craftsmanship

Nereide Bronzo

The historical bond between Venice and bronze has deep roots in the creation of the famous Horses of Saint Mark. These majestic bronze statues, forged in ancient Greece, found their home on the façade of the Basilica of Saint Mark in the 13th century, initiating a rich artistic and artisanal tradition linked to this noble metal. The Horses of Saint Mark swiftly became a symbol of power and prosperity for the lagoon city. Their presence not only enriched the artistic heritage of Venice but also contributed to establishing bronze as a precious and irreplaceable material in the hands of Venetian artisans.


Bronze Processing

Nereide Bronzo

In the realm of watchmaking, the intricate process of bronze craftsmanship demands precision beyond that of traditional techniques. It all begins with the meticulous design and fabrication of dedicated molds, crucial for ensuring the required level of accuracy. These carefully crafted molds serve as the foundation for producing semi-finished components, which subsequently undergo precision mechanical processes. The incorporation of advanced machinery facilitates the precise shaping of bronze, while the final touches entail meticulous artisanal work. Finally, this meticulous craftsmanship alternates seamlessly between polishing and satin finishes, resulting in a sophisticated and refined aesthetic that sets bronze timepieces apart in the world of horology.


Nereide Bronze: Timeless Bond with the Past

Nereide Bronzo

The connection with Venice permeates our research and design choices. Nereide Bronze pays homage to the artistic roots of the city, seamlessly blending ancient artisanal traditions with contemporary elements. The watch's case back depicts the majestic Bronze Horses of St. Mark, a tangible symbol of the profound link between the timepiece and Venetian history.

This Nereide transforms bronze into a contemporary icon of timeless elegance, embodying the heritage and beauty of the past. 

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