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Nereide Amethyst blends the rich Venetian artisanal tradition with experimentation in contemporary materials. In addition to the precious dial, it stands out for the use of a tungsten bezel, an indestructible metal known for its excellent mechanical properties and durability.

CASE MATERIAL: 316L Stainless Steel
DIAL: Amethyst
DIMENSIONS: Ø42 mm, lug to lug 49.00 mm 
MOVEMENT: Automatic Cal. Sellita SW200-1 Swiss Made
CRYSTAL: Sapphire Glass with anti-reflective coating
BEZEL: Tungsten insert, 120 clicks
WR: 20ATM (= 200mt)
STRAP: Rubber band, Made in Italy

Pre-order item. Shipments will begin on July 26th

The origin of Amethyst

Amethyst is a variety of quartz with a purple color, ranging from light and delicate hues to more intense and deep tones. Its beauty is enhanced by its ability to reflect light delicately, creating a luminous and enveloping effect. Thanks to its unique brilliance and intrinsic elegance, amethyst has been used for centuries in the creation of high-value jewelry and art objects.

Brief history of amethyst in Venice

During the Middle Ages, Venice became a key center in the trade of gemstones, thanks to its strategic location and connections with the East, including the Byzantine Empire and Arab territories. Amethyst, originating from India and Persia, became particularly prized. With its excellent craftsmanship, Venice transformed amethyst into jewelry and ornaments of immeasurable value, which were not only artistic masterpieces but also tangible symbols of wealth and prestige.

Dial manufacturing

The production of a dial follows a procedure similar to the one described previously, but introduces additional complexity: the delicate cutting of an amethyst disk only 0.4 mm thick. This operation requires exceptional precision and careful control of the tools, given the intrinsic fragility of the stone and its predisposition to chipping. Once these stages are completed, the dial is carefully assembled by specialized artisans.

The essence of Venice

Wearing a watch with an amethyst dial is an experience that deeply connects us to the elegance and history of Venice. Every time we raise our wrist to check the time, we find ourselves immersed in the richness of a centuries-old cultural heritage, a narrative of distant trades, craftsmanship, and a gem that has enchanted generations. The reflections and deep hues of amethyst transport us on a journey through Venetian history, highlighting the city's ability to enhance the natural beauty of this extraordinary stone.

Processing Amethyst

Amethyst, with its refined crystalline structure and deep purple color, presents unique specificities and challenges in the craftsmanship process, which favors cold cutting. Through this technique, amethyst is shaped into various forms and sizes, such as brilliant, oval, pear, or cabochon, aiming to enhance its brightness and chromatic tone. Subsequently, the polishing phase begins, where fine-grit abrasives and polishing compounds are used to give the stone an impeccable and uniform surface.

Engraved Caseback

The entire Nereide collection draws its inspiration from the namesake submarine, which is depicted in the engraving at the center of the caseback. Nereide Aventurine is in fact a diving watch, water-resistant up to 200m and equipped with a rotating bezel that allows to monitor dive times.