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Venezianico Cup 2022 - Golf Club Jesolo Venezia

Venezianico Cup 2022 at Golf Club Jesolo Venezia

The Venezianico Cup took place on 31 July 2022. This is the third edition of an annual event, which sees golf and watchmaking as protagonists.

 Our relationship with the Jesolo Venezia Golf Club started in 2019 and has gradually strengthened, thanks to the values that our brand shares with this sport.

 Dedication and pursuit of excellence of golf athletes are the same that drive us to improve our watches every day.

Venezianico Cup 2022 at Golf Club Jesolo Venezia

The Venezianico Cup also represents an opportunity for young athletes to show their talent and their determination to win.

"The final ranking speaks for itself" is the comment of Giovanni Fameli, director of the Jesolo Venezia Golf Club. «The first gross prize went to Emma Lundgren. A girl from Jesolo, not yet eighteen, who started playing right here and who can certainly aim for a next call-up to the Italian golf national team.

The first net of the second category was awarded to Annalisa Romagna, who, despite being new to this sport, in just two years has learned to compete at an excellent level.

One of the things I love about golf is that women and men play competitions (mostly amateur, but not only), together.

The first net of the first category went to Dario Goldin, former president of ASD Golf Club Jesolo Venezia, who had his granddaughter receive the prize... a wish for us golfers that she is a future player».

Venezianico Cup 2022 at Golf Club Jesolo Venezia

The event was the ideal occasion to showcase the new Nereide GMT 39 collection, a model that received strong appreciation from the club's members.

This collection blends perfectly with the world of golf thanks to its original and refined color combinations, which do not, however, give up the gritty character typical of the world of sport. 

Venezianico Cup 2022 at Golf Club Jesolo Venezia

Our thanks goes to all the participants and to the Jesolo Venezia Golf Club, in particular to the director Giovanni Fameli, for the awesome hospitality and for the great enthusiasm that he always manages to convey.

See you at the next edition!